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Where I’ve Been

Well..... that hiatus sure wasn't short. In April I decided to stop blogging for a few weeks to finish my Lit Course and that turned into a few months. Almost five months to be exact!  What happened was that four years ago, I got burned out. I quit uni, with the plan to take a… Continue reading Where I’ve Been


Short Hiatus

Sooooo this blog is going on hiatus for a bit. Maybe a couple of weeks, maybe the whole of April, I honestly don't know yet, I just know I need a break - however cool all of this has been! I've been struggling with low energy this whole winter, for a few reasons, and just… Continue reading Short Hiatus

Book Reviews

Book Love by Debbie Tung

★★★★★ I've loved Tung's diary comics for years, ever since I stumbled upon A Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, which is about her life as an introvert in an extraverted world, and was really excited about this new comic collection which is solely about her love for books!

Book Reviews

Retrograde Orbit by Kristyna Baczynski

★★★★★ Flint lives with her mother on the mining planet Tesla, where her family in het grandmother's day was forced to evacuate after a nuclear disaster on their home planet. Flint has already dreamed of going back to her family's roots and obsesses over it throughout her life.

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Anticipated Book Releases | April – June

We're already three months into this year and I really just can't believe it. It shouldn't already be almost April. It really shouldn't. But it is anyway! It's ridiculous. 24 years on this planet and I still cannot grasp the concept of time. Anyway, enough existential contemplation, it's also time for another anticipated book releases post, for the second quarter of the year.

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Some Books You May Not Have Heard of That Definitely Deserve More Hype

Sometimes we encounter books and read them and love them then draw a deep breath to shout about them into the void that is the internet only to realize that.. no one has heard of these books. Or at least not so many as you think should! Because the book is amazing! Why is no one talking about it!? I have a bunch of these books, so today I'm talking about all of them 🙂 These are some books from my book shelf that I haven't seen anyone talk about recently and I think need a little more hype.

Book Reviews

Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills

★★★★★ Sophie has always loved her small town life, her four best friends, her marching band. But when her marching band is chosen to march in the Rose Parade in LA, she has to find a way to fund this trip. In the middle of the night, she sends an e-mail to Megan Pleasant, asking if this local and super famous country singer will come back to her home town to sing a charity concert to fundraise the trip - even though she has sworn never to return. But there's also a new guy in town, who seems to have just as many secrets as Megan Pleasant.