Review Request Policy

~So you want to me send me a book to review? Thank you! But first please read my review policy thoroughly before sending me a review request~


  • I am currently Not open to review requests. I’m currently struggling with my health and with my studies and do not expect to be open to review requests before September, sorry!
  • I live in the Netherlands (Europe), please only contact me if that isn’t a problem.
  • If your request makes it clear you haven’t read my policy, or is in any way rude, it will be deleted.

Index of this page

1. What I Accept
2. Genres/Things I Prefer
3. Genres/Things I Refuse
4. Rating System
5. Current Stats
6. What Will Happen If I Accept Your Request?
7. Please Add In Your Request
8. Contact Info

1.What I accept

  • I accept both print copies and e-copies (only if they’re compatible with a Kindle Paper White), but I do not accept audio books.
  • I accept books from larger publishers, indie publishers and self-publishers. However, if you self-published your book, please also send me a digital sample of your book with your review request (more info in section 7)

2.Genres/Things I prefer

  • Young Adult (fantasy, contemporary, magical realism, LGBTQ, historical)
  • New Adult (as in, in the style of YA but with 20something characters, especially looking for this genre!)
  • Magical Realism
  • Fantasy
  • Literary Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Cozy crime/detective
  • Historical Fiction
  • Diverse books/Own-voice books
  • (Note: I prefer character driven books to plot driven books)

3.Genres/Things I refuse certainly

  • Horror
  • Gore
  • True crime
  • Science Fiction
  • Misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, racist or fatphobic books (characters can be these things, as long as the book itself isn’t)
  • Romance novels (not necessarily novels that contain romance, but the Harlequin or Bouqet romance novel- kind I dislike)
  • Erotica


  • I am open to most genres, so if your book isn’t on my list preferred genres, but also not on the list of things I don’t accept, just try me. I might like it anyway.

4.Rating System

★★★★★ Absolutely loved it. Very likely a new favorite. Great characters, interesting and well developed plot, generally amazing.
★★★★☆ Very much enjoyed it, but a few points could be improved upon. Or everything was fine, it just didn’t blow me away.
★★★☆☆ It was okay, just not good, but most likely had some merit, will be clarified in review.
★★☆☆☆ Bad. I disliked it and probably DNF’d it but might have read on if I had a real good reason. Probably won’t write a review on it, except if I feel really passionate about how bad it was (if it’s problematic, for example).
★☆☆☆☆ Very rare, because usually if I dislike a book this much I DNF it, and never write a review about it.

5.Current Stats (last updated 1 March 2019)

  • I had a total of 400 unique visitors and 811 views on this blog in the last month.
  • I have 3,502 combined followers, consisting of:
    297 followers on my blog (
    284 followers on Instagram
    2,700 followers on Tumblr 
    130 followers on Twitter 
    15 followers on Facebook 
    45 followers on Goodreads
    31 followers on Bloglovin’

6.What will happen when I accept your request?

  • When I accept your request, I will do my best to read and review it in a timely manner. If it’s an ARC I will do my best to publish the review a week or two before the release date. If you prefer that the review is published by a certain date, please make sure I have the book at least a month beforehand. I will do my absolute best to do these things on time, but life gets in the way sometimes!
  • BUT I cannot guarantee I publish the review on a certain date.
  • I also cannot guarantee I will review the book at all, but most likely will.
  • I reserve the right to not finish reading the book. If I think it’s good, but simply not for me, I will try my best to get it to another reviewer.
  • Remember you send me this book in exchange for an honest review, not a positive one. I will always be respectful in my reviews, but I will also be honest. If it’s a negative review, please remember I’m writing about the book, not the author.
  • My opinion is entirely my own and I do not take money and/or goods in return for a positive review. I’m not interested in paid advertisements or blog posts.
  • I post my reviews on this blog, Goodreads  and I talk about the books I read on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

7. Please add in your review request:

  • The book’s blurb
  • The release date (for ARCs I will automatically aim to publish a review for a week before the release date, if you do not request a different date)
  • If you have a time frame for when you prefer the review to be published (this will influence my decision whether to accept or not)
  • If the book is self-published please add a digital sample of the book, for example the first chapter or first fifteen pages, so I can gauge if I like your writing style.
  • If the book is digital, please make sure the file is compatible with kindle.
  • If the book is digital, please also send me a large digital image of the book cover, so I can use it for my instagram.
  • Any other relevant information

8. You can e-mail your request or any other questions to: lottevdkrol [at]hotmail[dot]com

~Thank you for reading and thank you again for considering sending me a book for review!~