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Book Review | The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

★★★★★ Dressed as a boy Vasya is on the road, traveling away from home where her dead father lies buried, his death her fault. When she encounters a village burned down by bandits, she decides to help, but in her attempt she gets stuck in a web of lies as she tries to hide the fact that she's a girl from the Grand Prince of Moscow and the rest of the court. All the while other strange things are happening and time is running out..

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The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

★★★★★ Vasilisa lives in the medieval Russian country side, where the winters are cruel. She loves her nurse, Sasha (who has been a mother to her since her own mother died), her brothers and roaming the woods. Vasilisa, or Vasya, is a peculiar child, seeing things that shouldn't be real. When her father decides to remarry, seven years after her mother's death, things get hard for Vasya. Her new stepmother, traumatized herself by a long life spent in fear and a forced marriage, takes her frustration out on Vasya. But there are worse things about to happen, as her new stepmother and the new priest both forbid the worshipping of the house spirits, who are the only creatures able to defend Vasya, her family and the villagers against the deep, dark winter that is coming.