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Some Short Books For A Short Attention Span

These past few weeks I've been reading lots of short books, mostly because I've been reading so many longer and more difficult books this winter and I wanted to read things that didn't take so long. Then I thought, others probably have that same problem, too, sometimes, so I made a list of shorter books that I really enjoyed at some point! The books on this list are between 185 and 250 pages long, but they vary in font size and how much white there is on the page, so some might be shorter than they seem!

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30 Books Marie Kondo Couldn’t Make Me Part With

Yes, the title is the joke. I will personally fight anyone hating on Marie Kondo who is just trying to help people. I could write a whole essay about why it's so stupid that people make fun of her/are actually really, really mean to her for no reason at all but I don't really have the energy for that. She's just trying to help people (who ASK HER to help them) and she NEVER said you're the devil for having more than 30 books, or whatever it is people seem to think she's said

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Pretty Cool Books With Little to No Romance

Sometimes it feels like EVERY book has a romantic subplot. Some are pretty cool and others are pretty boring but there are just SO MANY. It's rare when I find a book that doesn't have a romantic subplot and I'm always so happy when they don't. And as it'll be Valentines' day next week and I'm slowly but surely getting pretty sick of all the romance in books, and honestly all the romance in general around this time, here's a list of pretty cool books that have no or barely any romance in them!