What I Read and Wrote in December

Happy New Year everybody! We’ve made it! I know nothing will literally change because the date has changed but it feels good to sort of shrug off the stress of the year and start afresh (or at least attempt to). I hope everyone has managed to get some rest and peace to start the new year in xx Anyway, here’s my recap of what I read and wrote in December.

What I’ve Been Reading

IMG_20201205_114918_105.jpgFirst I finished One Christmas Night by Hayley Webster, it was really good and you can find my full review below. Then I read A Night in December by Jenny Gladwell, which was actually one of my favorite books of the year. You can also find that review below. Then I read two more Christmas romances, The Christmas Countdown by Donna Ashcroft and The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street by Emma Davies. The Little Shop was surprisingly good, and again, you can find both reviews below.

I also reread two of Rosie Blake’s Christmas novels, How To Stuff Up Christmas and The Hygge Holiday. They’re both so cozy and enjoyable. Later, in an entirely different genre, I read The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories by P.D. James, which is a crime short story collection. It’s almost like the cozy murder mysteries, but just a little darker. They’re really good and it’s a beautiful book, too.

I also finished Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year by Beth Kempton, which is a little non-fiction book about how to have a calm Christmas. It was surprisingly good, went way beyond ‘just make a list and don’t worry so much’. Maybe not all of it was applicable to this year, but there are many big life lessons in this little book, especially on how to set goals gentle, on how to approach getting the life you want without force or burning yourself up.

What I’ve Been Writing – Book Blog

What I’ve Been Writing – Fiction

Also on fiction writing front I’ve been busy. Over on my book blog I wrote a bunch of weird/horror Christmas stories (The Snowpeople, Shortcut, The Wild Hunt, Regeneration) and I also won a weird Christmas flash fiction contest with my story Ice. I even got to read my story on the weird Christmas podcast. You can find my story and the podcast here.

What About You?

What have you been reading/writing/posting this December? Let me know/drop your links in the comments!

And again, a happy new year ❤




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