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Book Unhaul #2

Last week I posted the first Book Unhaul of a series of three posts where I talk about the books I’m going to get rid of! You can find the post here. This week I’m continuing the long list 🙂


  1. Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
    I don’t remember much of this book except that I liked it as a teenager, and in all those years I haven’t felt the desire to pick it up again. So this is goodbye!
  2. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
    I just didn’t think this book was very good. It didn’t keep my attention and I was a little bored. I kept it because I really like Green’s other books, so I wanted the ‘set’ but now I feel like that’s a rubbish reason to keep books, because soon my space will run out.
  3. A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks
    This was just.. fine. A fine story, but not amazing. Not worth keeping, honestly.
  4. I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
    Yeah this was a pretty good book and I really liked how interesting and unique the story was, but I feel like once you know the ending, it’s not worth reading. At least not to me.
  5. You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith
    Once upon a time I really liked Smith’s work, but it has lost my interest over the years, honestly. so it’s going.
  6. The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd
    I hesitated about this one for a long time, but eventually decided to let it go. It was really good, but I haven’t picked it up for years. It can go and make someone else happy.
  7. Isla and the Happy Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
    Like Anna and the French Kiss, I really liked this book, I just don’t feel like rereading it again. I feel like I’m over this book, have been for a long time, and I don’t want to hold onto it anymore.


That was it for this week!! Next week I will post the last part of my Unhaul series, so keep an eye out for that one!


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