Top Five Tuesday – Books On My Christmas Wishlist

Time for another Top Five Tuesday (a meme hosted by BionicBookWorm). Every year I make a wish list for my parents (who I celebrate Christmas with, they make also lists) so they know what to get me, and it always almost entirely consist of books. And this year as well. I usually go for wintery books (because it’s winter, y’know) and graphic novels (because I don’t want to clog up my TBR) and this year’s no different.

  1. The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
    This one just sounds so really cool and wintery. I’m very excited about this one.
  2. A Storm of Ice and Stars by Lisa Lueddecke 
    I read her first book, A Shiver of Snow and Sky, last year and absolutely loved it, so I’m very excited about this one too.
  3. Chocolat by Joanne Harris
    I’ve watched the film so, so many times over the years I’ve lost count. I love it so much and I thought I should read the book sometime, and Christmas Break seems like the perfect opportunity!
  4. Sheets by Brenna Thummler
    This is a graphic novel about a girl who feels invisible, and it seems really cute. I really love some graphic novels in my break.
  5. The Stopping Places by Damian Le Bas
    This is a non-fiction book. I don’t often read non-fiction, but I saw this one floating around on twitter and it grabbed my interest. I’ve always been interested in the traveling communities, but often books about (mostly fictional) them are either pretty racist, and since Le Bas is of the traveler community it seemed that this would be a very interesting read!


What books are on your Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments!

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